Lavender Extract Powder | Lavandula angustifolia Extract

Lavender Extract

What is Lavender Extract Powder?

TIZAN Lavender Extract Powder is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia, which is often referred to as lavender. Its use over centuries in traditional medicine and cosmetics. It is found from Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India. It’s cultivated extensively in temperate climates as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, for use as culinary herbs, and commercially for the extraction of essential oils.

Lavender extract can relieve nerves, improve mood, have the magical effect of soothe the nerves, promote blood circulation, treat folliculitis, nourish hair, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, effectively treat and relieve dandruff and itching symptoms.


Lavender has the reputation of “aromatic herb”, lavender extract powder is suitable for any skin, promotes cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing, improves acne, abscess, eczema, balance sebum secretion, has a miraculous effect on burning sunburn, inhibits bacteria and reduces scarring. Soothe tension, calm your mind, calm down, control oil, regenerate, reduce inflammation, repair. It is often used as a beauty product to not only promote cell regeneration, balance oil secretion, but also improve burns, sunburn, dark circles under eye bags, and promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues, dilute scars and inhibit bacterial growth. It also helps hair growth and improve hair quality.

Lavandula angustifolia Extract can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse the skin, control oil, whitening, wrinkle and rejuvenation, remove dark circles under the eyes, and promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. The use of essential oil conditioning methods, the effect of dealing with skin problems is very significant, and is pure natural without side effects, has become the first choice for many skin problems friends. It has the functions of beauty, relieve stress and relax muscles. Essential oils are known as “plant hormones”. In fact, many essential oils are also like human hormones, which play an important role in human skin care. The essential oil molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve through the nasal scent. The olfactory nerve transmits the stimulus to the brain center. The brain produces excitement. On the one hand, it controls the nerve activity and functions to regulate the nerve activity. On the other hand, it controls the gland secretion through the neuromodulation method to regulate the human body. The entire internal environment. By stimulating neurotherapy, internal conditioning can be achieved, laying a solid foundation for beauty and skin care.

TIZAN Lavender Extract Powder Specification

Part of UsedFlower
Specification Available5:1/10:1/20:1 or customized
AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder
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TIZAN enjoys long term relationships with our clients because we focus on customer service and providing great products. If you are interested in our products, we are flexible with the customization of orders to suit your specific need and our quick lead time on orders guarantees you’ll have great tasting our product on-time. We also focus on value-added services. We are available for service questions and information to support your business.

Why Choose TIZAN Lavender Extract Powder?%

TIZAN specialize in Lavender Extract Powder | Lavandula angustifolia Extract for several years, we supply products with competitive price, and our product is of the highest quality and undergoes strict, independent testing to ensure that it is safe for consumption around the world.

Where to buy Lavender Extract Powder | Lavandula angustifolia Extract?

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Shelf Life

2 Years


Store in tightly sealed containers then place in cool and dry place, and away from moisture, light, oxygen.

  • Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. N.W:25kgs .I.D.35×H51cm.
  • 1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.
  • Sample, double sealed water plastic bags inside with the aluminum bag outside.

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